> Why Hong Kong Matters

August 21, 2014

In what may be the last generation of Hong Kong Cantonese, the youth are going down swinging against Mainland China's cultural takeover. And it's beautiful.

  • > The Alpha Male Myth
    May 25, 2014

    So many young guys believe in being an alpha male. On one late May weekend, it proved fatal.

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Asian-American Lit Recommendations

> Crimson Footprints

During a smothering hot summer in Miami, an affluent young Asian man finds himself on the wrong side of the tracks. He is robbed at gunpoint by a young and impressionable black man who lets him go thanks to the interference of the hoodlum's beautiful sister, Deena. When Deena's brother is killed several days later, she stumbles upon the affluent young Asian man again at the funeral. He introduces himself as Takumi Tanaka and the two have an instinct attraction towards each other. However, she soon finds out Takumi is her boss' son and insists on keep their relationship a secret. As Deena becomes more involved, Takumi's aggressive prowess rubs off jeopardizing their secret love; something neither of their families would approve.

  • > Three Souls

    Upon her immediate death, the ghost of Song Leiying stuggles to remember anything about her life, including her own name. With the help of her three souls, yin, yang and han, Leiying quickly puts together everything from her childhood to the events leading up to her death. She then must learn what she must accomplish to ascend into full reincarnation before she and her three souls are trapped forever in the mortal realm.

  • > Once the Shore

    Once the Shore tells of eight individual stories taking place on a remote island along the Korean Peninsula right before the start of the Korean War to present times. Each tale has their own unique identity, from a girl falling in love with a G.I. to a long lost lover returning to a shopkeeper who hadn't forgotten him. Through the fabric of these eight stories, they piece together truths about life, some funny, others hurtful, but never apologetic in their raw honesty about people and their confrontation with each other, nature and even time itself.

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